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Corporate Learning

Built to your needs

Embers Asia builds training programs that cater to the particular needs of the multinational corporation in Vietnam. Developing a strong local management team is critical to the success of many of these corporate ventures in Vietnam. Having a heavily weighted staff of expats, over the long term, is simply not viable and works against the long term business models of these organizations.

Developing leaders

Developing leaders takes a dedicated approach and commitment by companies to invest in their people. Identifying those skills that are lacking in the management team, focusing on building those skills, and tracking the performance of individuals is where Embers Asia comes in. We target the "soft skills" such as communication and problem solving competence that are most important when people move into positions of management and leadership.

Proven effective

Embers Asia uses an experiential approach to skill building that is proven effective in adult groups and particularly in groups of non-native English speakers. We believe actions speak louder than words with these groups, and focus our training sessions on learning through doing.