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Youth Programs


Something interesting happens as we get older. We actually lose many of those skills that are required to be successful in the workplace. As strange as it may seem, we actually perform worse in certain skill sets as we get older. Some groups of school age children will perform better than corporate groups in problem solving initiatives that require strong teamwork. As adults, it looks like we forget how to be team players. We become individualistic to our own detriment.

Summer Camp Programs

Camp Embers is an overnight summer camp for boys and girls located in the "heart of the wooded mountains" of Dalat. Camp Embers provides a unique summer
camp program of recreation, adventure, creativity and fun. Our goal through these summer camps is for each camper to gain a deeper understanding of him/herself
and relationships with other people and the natural world. We aim to provide summer camp memories that can serve as inner resources upon which to build character and future leaders.



Our Approach

Embers Asia uses the same experiential approach and problem solving initiatives with children, as it uses with adults. The activities are changed somewhat, to make it more relevant to the participants, but the themes remain constant. Our feeling is that if we focus on team building at a young age, some of the skills that are important in later work and life can be retained.

Outdoor Endeavors

Most of our international school trips fit the experiential team building into a larger trip framework. Many of the programs last up to 5 days and incorporate such activities as camping, hiking, kayaking, canyoning and other outdoor endeavors.