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Embers Asia works with clients in four primary service areas;

  1. Corporate Learning groups and organizations with a focus on learning.
  2. International School Trips focusing on adding an experiential learning element to their outing.
  3. Inbound groups to Vietnam with a focus on learning through a Cultural Themed Program
  4. Ropes Courses are great for building up the confidence of team members and focusing on leadership skills such as trust and commitment.

What we have done

  • Built an experiential program for Nike's 10th anniversary in Vietnam for 150 people.
  • Designed and conducted a series of experiential training sessions focused on change management for the U.S. Consulate. The objective was to facilitate the restructuring of the Refugee Resettlement Section over a 1 year period.
  • Transformed the trips hosted for a number of International Schools in HCMC into experiential team building events, whereby the learning and experiences achieved by the students on these trips was vastly enhanced.
  • Constructed a program for the Vietnam Education Foundation in both Dalat and Hoa Binh, Vietnam. These programs were focused on the building of a social network, and framework for success of the 50+ fellows traveling to the U.S. for P.H.D programs.
  • Worked together with British Petroleum on their year end meetings to add an experiential module that would fit in alongside and compliment the meeting topics.
  • Collaborated with Rasmussen Simonsen International to build a program for United Arab Shipping Company in Singapore that was relevant to the logistics industry.